2009 Turkey Day 10K and 5K Fun Run

The Turkey Day 5K & 10K Fun Run was held on Thanksgiving Day morning in Clear Lake (Houston), Texas. It was only one of many, local appetite-building races. Read the race report. Here are some photos of the event. Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

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2009 Turkey Day 10K and 5K Fun Run

Runners collect their timing chips. Racers at the starting line of the Turkey Day Fun Run Jay Lee surveys the race starting line

Jay Lee outside his On the Run shoe store Runners at the starting line in Clear Lake, Texas Waiting for the starting gun at the Turkey Trot

Unfurling the American flag for the National Anthem On your mark, get set... And the runners are off!

The lead pack at the Turkey Day Fun Run, 2009 Runners flying over the race timing mat Mid-pack runners set out on the run

The pack of runners keep on coming Walkers starting the Turkey Trot More walkers start the Turnkey Day 5K align=

Tired runner in the finish chute removes his timing chip A runner sprinting for the finish line Another racer closing on the finish line

Gear Up Today At U.S. Cavalry!

Finishing kick pays off at the race finish line Young runner making a tight turn on the race course Brad Pitt look-alike racing on Thanksgiving Day

Female runner making a tight turn on the race course This young runner is having too much fun! Strong runner focused like a laser beam at the Thanksgiving Turkey Run

Female and male runner jockeying for position on a tight turn on the race course Two female racers in red doing battle on the race course Strong runner flashing the V for victory sign at the Thanksgiving Turkey Run

Thanksgiving Turkey Trot runs are a time for family bonding This female runner is an area top marathon runner Two Bay Area Running Club members relaxing after the race

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