My Freelance Writing Structure

What Do I Charge for Producing Your Copy?

Good question; I'm glad you asked! Ideally I would charge just what the current edition of the Writer's Market specifies. And, this is generally what I charge for large corporate customers. This is the going rate for the industry.

But the fact of the matter is that this is just one segment of the clients that I write for. I also write for small players that just need organic SEO articles for their website, promotional pieces for non-profits, and the occasional personal memoir. What does this mean? Nothing is set in stone.

Let me know what your needs are and what you feel the writing will do for you. I can structure a pricing package that we'll both be happy with.

Providing Professional Blogging Services

A good part of my business at KSmith Media, LLC is blog writing services for all types of businesses and organizations. I have extensive experience writing on topics such as home improvement, green and frugal living, finance and investing, fitness, and many more. I write your content; you keep the byline and copyright!


Great blogging service. Kelly is always creative and prompt! — Kathy M.,

Fast turnaround and the rates are reasonable. — John L.,

Will definitely use this service again! — Walter Frailey

Thanks for the well researched article. It does a great job of showcasing our services. — Sandy O. —

How Can You Find Out What I Can Do for You?

Simple, just ask! Contact me at and we can explore the possibilities!