Writing Services that I Provide

A Snapshot of the Types of Writing I Provide

Sales Letters - I'm not only a supplier of services; I'm also a consumer. So I understand the importance of sales letters. My sales copy will generate sales for your products and services.

SEO Articles - I do diligent research to create a list of the most popular keywords for your topic. I compose articles so that they don't make for "clunky" reading but are engaging, informative, and search engine friendly.

Web Page Development and Maintenance - In addition to being webmaster here and at my companion site I Can Fix Up My Home, I am available to develop and optimise websites for organic SEO. Get your site seen by the major search engines.

Ebooks - I enjoy the scope of e-book assignments. Do you already have a manuscript? I'll edit and polish it up so that it shines. Do you have a topic in mind? I'll do the research and writing. Just choose your format - document or PDF.

Newsletter Creation or Editing - Newsletters are a strong and persuasive method of communication. They form a cohesive bond for a club or organization and an efficient vehicle for keeping you on your client's minds. And what better way to get the word out about exciting new products!

Blog Posting - Blogs are another ideal tool for communicating on the fly. Short and sweet, blogs hammer home a message, yet are a fast enough read so that consumers aren't distracted from their busy lives. And I submit each update to blog ping sites. This way, web surfers will be directed to your website!

To discuss your particular needs, contact me at admin@ksmithwriter.com.

Have a great day, Kelly