The 2010 Seabrook Lucky Trails Half Marathon, March 20

The 2010 Seabrook Lucky Trails Half Marathon. Read the race report. This was the 7th year for this family of events. Full marathon, halfs, and relays; they take place over Saturday and Sunday. There's something for distance runners of all flavors Here are some photos of Saturday’s half. Click the thumbnails for a larger image.

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2010 Seabrook Lucky Trails Half Marathon

Crossing a bridge in Seabrook's Pine Gully Park Running in Pine Gully Park towards Galveston Bay A group of runners on the first loop of the Seabrook Half Marathon

Marathon running by a Seabrook, Texas bayou 7th annual Seabrook Marathon Running on the Seabrook Trails

Lucky Trails Half Marathon runners along Toddville Road in Seabrook The second loop of the half marathon is a bit tougher Running back into Meador Park on the first loop

Seabrook Lucky Trails Half Marathon loop one Marathon trail runner finishing the second loop Fast runners flying to the Seabrook Half Marathon finish line

The pack of runners keep on coming 2010 Luck Trails Half Marathon Trail running in South Texas

Trail runners rounding the corner A runner sprinting for the finish line Another racer closing on the finish line

Gear Up Today At U.S. Cavalry!

Seabrook firefighter runs the entire half marathon in firefighting gear Crossing the finish line at the Lucky Trail Half Marathon Lisa Fletcher wins the Seabrook Half Marathon!

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